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KaKo/NoNo! Art

OI OI! it's Kris. Um, Happy Easter! Anyway, this is where I keep most of my drawings up for display because I'm a stupid little person...actually, this is another website school project...I think. Soooooo...if you're from the boards or from school, you probably know me, if not then you've disturbed my peace! Go and attack the nearest wheatbarrel then go and enjoy licking a screen door.(or you could just click out of the window...BUT LOOK AT IT FIRST! I COMMAND j00!) Most of these are some of my drawings from the boards or photos I've taken, but rarely will there be actual drawings unless I get a working scanner...^^' so here ya go...:

Here's the image, click it to see the oekaki drawing. It's a bit different but it hopefully looks like it..^^'

This is a picture done on the Oekaki boards. ( or Let's explain this as a freeform canvas with too much music... I have done Oekakis for entertainment but never school projects...I should start....w00t!